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Chain-Link Fencing


Perhaps the best-known type of galvanized fencing, chain-link fencing encloses residential yards, storage yards, manufacturing buildings and playgrounds. It is easy to install, cost-effective and durable. Chain-link fencing can be inexpensively repaired and provides an open view of the enclosed property. Even do-it-yourselfers take advantage of chain-link fencing's ease of installation for home projects such as dog runs, storage pens and yard enclosures.Welded Wire FencingWelded wire offers another option in galvanized fencing. Instead of the diamond-shaped, entwined links of chain-link, welded wire forms a rectangular shape in any number of mesh opening sizes. The galvanized coating is applied by the hot dip method or electro-galvanized. Galvanized coatings provide low initial cost and last up to 25 years. According to the Galvanizers Association of Australia, galvanized coatings corrode preferentially to steel; that is, the zinc in the galvanizing process will sacrificially cover small, damaged areas.Expanded Metal FencingExpanded metal offers yet another option for galvanized fencing needs. Manufacturers expand the metal by cutting slits in a metal sheet and stretching it while it cools to create a diamond-shaped latticework. Expanded metal offers a more solid fencing structure, but with low cost and easy installation. According to Chain Link Fencing Factory, this type of fencing surrounds sports fields, tennis courts, railway enclosures and expressway properties.Woven Wire FencingWoven wire is a type of galvanized fencing made by forming knots that wrap around the intersecting wires. This type of fencing holds farm animals and horses securely. Either square or rectangular openings are formed. They have no welds to break under stress. This type of fencing is also used in creating partitions for offices, machinery protection and other uses.Ornamental FencingThe custom-fabricated fencing often seen on stately homes can also be galvanized fencing. Galvanizing serves as an initial non-corrosive coating so that the zinc will protect the underlying steel, according to Viking Fence. The more zinc in the galvanizing process, the better the ability to protect the steel. Ornamental fence fabricators then apply a variety of color coatings to provide durable fencing that protects property and enhances the value of the home.


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